Celebrating 15 years of successful partnership with world-leading search engine organisation

Celebrating 15 years of successful partnership with world leading search engine organisation


NashTech helps world’s leading search engine organisation qualify more than 20 million data points and images, exceeding 10% of the client’s productivity target, with outstanding quality results at over 98.5% accuracy.

A journey of dedication, adaptability and outstanding quality

NashTech is thrilled to celebrate 15 years of a successful partnership with one of our key clients. We have come a long way since we signed our first service contract with them back in 2008. It has been a joyful journey filled with exciting challenges, milestones and achievements. We interviewed our Senior Project Manager to find out more about the digital transformation journey.  

We started with a team of 25 in Hanoi to audit our client’s website, the first ever visual search engine at that time, for data quality check and image processing. Our outstanding quality quickly earned their trust, and we soon doubled the team size within one month, launching another team in Ho Chi Minh. 

During the global economic crisis in 2009, when they had to reduce operations costs, we demonstrated our dedication by sharing the financial risk with them. We gave them a 50% discount for six months, which made it a no-brainer decision for them to keep us among two other long-time vendors from six. It was a testament to our commitment to going above and beyond for our partners. 

Our partnership flourished over the years, and in 2010, when the company was acquired, we became a partner of the largest search engine in the world. Our team ramped up to 80 resources, and we started to provide more complex services, including content enrichment, data quality audit, and return policy validation. 

As our collaboration grew stronger, the client entrusted us with managing their international languages, starting with French, German and Japanese in 2013. We exceeded their expectations in language skills so more languages were added every year. We hired native speakers, or Vietnamese living in other countries, to deliver services in 28 languages, including rare languages that couldn’t be found in Vietnam, such as Czech, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Hebrew, Slovak, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Greek, and Indonesian. 

Despite the challenges, we remained steadfast in our commitment to providing outstanding quality service. When they changed the vendor management team, we were the only non-Indian vendor retained due to our excellent service delivery and quality monitoring. We expanded all international language works with the client, while other Indian vendors were retained for English only. 

In 2022, we recorded a significant ramp-up of more than 100 resources within one month, taking the team size from 217 318, without compromising quality and productivity. Our team, located across two of our Vietnam delivery centres in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, helped audit billions of products sold on the client’s shopping website from over 100,000 merchandisers, ensuring the correct segmentation, pricing, description, return policy, and more. On a monthly basis, we manually qualify more than 20 million data points and images, exceeding 10% of the client’s productivity target, with outstanding quality results at over 98.5% accuracy. 

Our Senior Project Manager working with the client, shares some of the most challenging moments she’s faced, how her team has evolved over the years, and what the future holds for this remarkable collaboration.  


Can you share some examples of specific challenges or obstacles that your team has faced while working with the client, and how you were able to overcome them? 

I recall a particularly challenging moment last April when we needed to ramp up quickly and hire over 100 new resources. Over the course of two weeks, my team lead and I conducted over 250 interviews – sometimes from morning until evening. Fortunately, many students had just graduated from universities at that time, and  we received many excellent recommendations from our team members, which enabled us to find suitable candidates. We then worked closely with other departments, such as HR and IT, to onboard our new joiners. The whole team worked tirelessly to train our new hires while maintaining the same level of quality. Although it was a challenge, thanks to the cooperation and dedication of the entire team, we were able to smoothly hire and onboard over 40 people for the team based in Hanoi.


How has your team adapted to changes in the industry or in the client’s business over time, and what new skills or technologies have you incorporated into your work? 

We have undergone several significant updates to our tool, and our team has had to be trained quickly each time. Client requirements have increased every year, and the process has become more detailed, so we have had to adapt quickly to ensure stable performance. We started with only one or two different workflows, but now we have over ten, with varying levels of complexity. Skill requirements have also changed over time. We used to offer non-voice services, but now our team members need to be proficient in both writing and speaking English, as well as possess more soft skills. Our team members have more frequent conversations with clients, which is a positive development since it allows them to develop themselves further and constantly learn new things. Previously, we had a team lead supporting the team, but now they are self-sufficient. 

Finally, looking ahead to the future, how do you see your team continuing to add value to the client’s business and evolving your services to meet their changing needs? 

I believe that many positive things are in store for us. We have already proven our value, and we know that our client is satisfied with our work, as evidenced by their consistent expansion of the scope of work they entrust us with. We will continue to develop our skills, expand our team, and deliver high-quality service, just as we have done for the past 15 years. 

We take pride in the crucial role we play in ensuring our client’s website is always at the top of its game, attracting millions of shoppers and generating huge revenue in many countries. NashTech is honored to have been part of their success story for 15 years and counting, and we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration. 

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