Migration from Scala to Java platform

Migration from bottleneck Scala systems to Java platform


NashTech implemented automation testing to overcome maintenance and management challenges associated with former NettingEQ service infrastructures and codebase.

OSTTRA is known for solving the most challenging problems in the trading domain. The innovative solutions of Osttra help in integrating and optimising the post-trade workflows. Osttra has joined together to streamline the post-trade ecosystem to enable the entire industry to evolve. Since 1 September 2021, Traiana has been part of OSTTRA which serves the needs of post-trade functionalities. In total, Traiana caters to a post-trade services suite for;

  • Trade processing
  • Credit risk management
  • Payment and settlement optimisation
  • Trade lifecycle management


NettingEQ is one service that starts from trade capture at the point of execution, through portfolio control and optimisation, to collateral management, clearing, and settlement. Various component of the NettingEQ services works together to aggregate/netting the trades for settlement:

  1. To reduce the overall cost of settlement
  2. Improve operational efficiency of the settlement workflow
  3. Reduce the number of transactions

Problematic Statement

Osttra has been facing challenges in managing and maintaining the NettingEQ Service infrastructure and codebase due to complexity, high cost of maintenance, and non-availability of Scala skills in the market. The entire team of developers who had built the Netting Solution is gone except for one Developer. The full functionality of the NettingEQ service is at stake. Osttra is not able to upgrade or enhance or maintain the NettingEQ service effectively.


Business Challenges
  • Limited product knowledge with Osttra India team.
  • Lack of competency in Scala to maintain and enhance the service.

Difficult to build new features in the current Technology landscape.


Technology Challenges
  • Currently, multifarious technologies (Scala, Kafka, HTTP, Cassandra, etc) are in use.
  • Tactical vs strategic implementation request. Service needs to be Scalable to support other Products and services.
  • Improve reusability of Netting EQ service across product line.
  • Service needs to be more configurable.

The solution

Anticipated Non-Functional Requirements
  • Scaling compliant (vertical and horizontal).
  • Best practice implementations in each aspect of code.
  • Automation testing implementation.
  • Swagger implementation.
  • Complete Knowledge transfer with documentation.
  • Audit tools implementation.

The outcome 

  • After the partnership with AxonIQ, NashTech has implemented the complete project through Axon Framework.
  • Migration with zero downtime.
  • Deployment with zero functional defects.
  • Performance achievement with 15 times more than the old netting service.
  • Complete support of horizontal scaling.
  • No impact on any surrounding application of concern.
  • Reduction of infrastructure cost due to huge improvement in performance.
  • Automation testing implemented with the help of Serenity + Cucumber + Gatling.
  • Osttra is equipped with complete knowledge of new applications with the help of NashTech. So, no dark corners exist for netting service now.
  • Osttra is out of Scala dependency, which was a bottleneck to support the service.
  • Now, new features can be incorporated as and when required, unlike old netting services.
  • Osttra is now out of complexity with respect to technical support and resource dependency.
  • Osttra has generated the capability to handle a huge number of trades which yields to cater more clients for Netting. This has opened avenues to generate more revenue for Osttra.

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