Cloud engineering

At NashTech, we focus on addressing the challenges and end-to-end needs of organisations looking to transform themselves and adapt to software and cloud-native technologies.

Our cloud engineering solutions are founded on years of building and maintaining complex, large-scale cloud-native platforms for businesses. We make use of tools, reference design and solution accelerators that help businesses quickly transition from conventional, on-premises, customised hardware platforms and legacy software technologies to cloud-native, software-controlled solutions that support next-generation services.

Cloud strategy and architecture consulting

From cost savings and scalability to total transformation and faster innovation, get your multi-cloud strategy right, and the rest will follow. 

Our cloud strategy and architecture services offer thorough advice that addresses barriers to cloud usage and optimisation. We create a custom plan after your company’s requirements are determined which incorporates infrastructure and platform strategy, improved security and cyber resilience and management models. 

This business-ready plan supports safe innovation with the newest cloud capabilities like Kubernetes, network cloudification, 5G & edge, AIOps, self-service orchestration and automation. We can jointly reduce risks by distributing workloads and data across dependable cloud platforms, lowering downtime and allowing a streamlined recovery plan. 

Cloud strategy

Cloud modernisation

Your cloud modernisation plan must be effective because cloud computing is currently one of the main disruptors in the IT industry and the cloud holds limitless potential for your company. 

Getting your organisation into the cloud is only the first part of the journey, and you must take advantage of the enormous efficiency and innovation potential it provides once there. This involves developing applications and services, especially for a cloud setting to get the most out of it. 

Cloud modernisation

Cloud ops

Cloud ops is a crucial component of modern IT infrastructure and management. Moving to the cloud is not a one-time activity; it is a process. NashTech offers consistent, repeatable and automated provisioning via infrastructure as code, container orchestration and management, terraform cloud automation library, self-serve automated help desk and AI-powered APM to make the cloud journey easy and repeatable.

Key elements of cloud ops include:

  • Continuous integration and deployment
  • Expert incident and SLA management with automated diagnostics and remediation
  • Cloud cost management to make your cloud operations seamless

We enable the building of fully functional infrastructures with intelligent management. These include proactive anomaly detection at scale, intelligent performance analysis, automatic remediations and self-service capabilities.

Cloud Ops

Cost engineering and security

Your data is important and it needs to be secure. NashTech offers quick-to-implement and scalable security, compliance and governance solutions for the cloud. These include unified interfaces for data access control and policy management, vulnerability management for diverse applications and DevSecOps implementation.

NashTech would also optimise and evaluate cloud options to offer holistic cost engineering for current, interim and future architectures. This includes systems and infrastructures for prod and non-prod environments. Elastic and ephemeral infrastructure is set up for adjusting storage, scale, containers and more based on use patterns and cost.

Cost engineering and security

Cloud migration

Accelerate your business transformation with our frictionless cloud migration services and take better advantage of your data, whether you’re migrating one application or thousands. Migrating to any cloud platform with NashTech gives you the flexibility and resilience to help your business stay competitive in the modern business environment.

Cloud’s open platform and multi-cloud offerings also enable businesses to seamlessly integrate into their current strategies and evolve their digital transformation as business demands change. Our cloud migration strategies set the foundation for modernising your applications to unlock the full potential of data analytics and unleash innovation throughout your enterprise. With NashTech’s proven data-driven implementation approach and deep industry and cloud expertise, you can be confident that you have the right partner to guide your cloud journey into the future.

Cloud migration

Frequently asked questions

Cloud engineering is the process of using engineering practices to make changes to cloud computing. It’s concerned with the commercialisation, standardisation and governance of cloud computing.

The key difference between cloud modernisation and migration is that cloud modernisation involves making major changes to the source code. In contrast, cloud migration doesn’t involve any changes to the application.

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”