Maintenance and support

We understand that managing and maintaining a suite of applications can take away from the time you need to look forward and innovate.

Using our knowledge and expertise we take care of your end-to-end application journey, from build through to support, maintenance and enhancement, blending ITIL-focused service management with Cloud and modern software development. Maintaining a flexible approach that’s tailored to you and your organisation. We help you to optimise your applications by reviewing and tuning at a programming level, in addition to performance improvements to your infrastructure.

By adopting this ROI-focused delivery model, your organisation will be able to shift spending from operations to innovation, giving you the opportunity to invest in digital strategies and accelerate business growth.

Application maintenance and support

Maintaining and supporting software applications is crucial to the smooth running of any business. In the digital age, no organisation can afford for its systems or services to unreliable or be unavailable.

Our experience and expertise in the maintenance and support of web-based and mobile applications ensure you have confidence in your critical applications. Issues are promptly identified and rectified, minimising interruption. We take a proactive and consultative approach – maintaining and enhancing applications to prevent issues from arising in the first place, rather than merely reacting after the event.

Application maintenance and support


By reducing the time, it takes to confidently deploy your software you will reduce time to market. By adopting DevOps across your applications, you will be able to scale quickly to deliver new products with maximum speed, quality, and reliability, but with less risk.

Our expert teams will help you to innovate and improve the overall quality of software, to scale your in-house DevOps practices and achieve your digital transformation goals. We help you deliver new digital services and software products quickly and efficiently by assessing your current DevOps maturity and working collaboratively with you to plan a roadmap of activity, based on the desired outcomes. We focus on three areas: flow and systems thinking, amplifying feedback loops, and fostering a culture of continual experimentation and learning.

Rather than using a fixed ‘rinse and repeat’ DevOps toolset for all clients, our Technology Advisory team look at each business’s needs and our Technical Architects and DevOps specialists recommend tooling based on these outcomes.

Our years of experience, built up over many projects and application support engagements, means we can intelligently apply automation to CI/CD pipeline, automation of regression testing, and a shift-left for testing and security.


SRE (site reliability engineering)

Site reliability engineering focuses on helping you sustainably achieve the appropriate level of reliability for your systems, services, and products.

Using our knowledge and expertise we help organisations ensure their systems are highly available, and experience low latency and high throughput.



Observability is a natural evolution of application and network performance monitoring that better addresses cloud applications and their increasingly distributed and dynamic nature.

When applied correctly observability will discover and address ‘unknown unknowns’ i.e., issues you don’t know exist, catch and resolve issues early in the development lifecycle and combined with AIOps enable automated remediation and self-healing application infrastructure.

Using our knowledge and expertise we look at the entire system, including the infrastructure, applications, services, and the interactions between them. We collect relevant data points and use tools like log analysis, distributed tracing, and monitoring to create a complete picture of the system’s behaviour.


CMS upgrade & integration

CMS upgrades are part of the natural life cycle of a website. With an upgraded CMS, new capabilities taking advantage of the added features and enhanced functionalities, new integrations are needed. This is central tasks for all organisations that rely on digital content and online services to support their business operations. Upgrading to the latest CMS version can improve the security, reliability, and performance of the platform, while integrating different systems can streamline workflows, reduce manual data entry, and improve data accuracy and consistency.


Frequently asked questions

An application portfolio is the collection of software applications that an organisation uses to run their business. It encompasses a diverse range of applications, from critical business systems and customer-facing platforms to internal tools and administrative software. The application portfolio forms the backbone of an organisation’s technological landscape, enabling seamless communication, efficient processes, and overall business success.

Some key roles and responsibilities of application management services are support and maintenance, IT infrastructure, improvements, advisory services and quality assurance (QA). By entrusting application management services with these responsibilities, organisations can focus on their core business functions, confident that their application portfolio is in capable hands. These services play a pivotal role in optimising application performance, enhancing user satisfaction, and supporting business growth in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”