Technology advisory

Whether addressing risk, optimising technology already in place, undergoing transformation, or embracing cyber security, it is important to consider the technology ecosystem in the wider business context. NashTech helps you navigate the fast-changing world of technology with your business outcomes and objectives in mind.

Technology visioning and transformation

NashTech provides an independent voice and brings industry and technology expertise and a fresh perspective to help you facilitate your thinking and innovatively address any constraints or implications around your technology vision.

We help you to challenge the status quo, have balanced discussions, and draw considered conclusions, so you are in a stronger position to take the next step in your transformation journey, whether that be an investment business case, the confidence to commission a proof of concept or pilot, or to map out the next steps in delivering the vision.

Tech vision transform

Technology strategy and roadmap


To be successful, your organisation must continuously innovate, changing how you operate and reconsider your business model and customer needs to leverage emerging technology and move along your transformation journey.

Our expert teams collaborate with you to develop strategies for digital transformation, data and testing. A strategy won’t get executed, not successfully, without a roadmap. That means promised benefits won’t be realised and business objectives won’t be achieved.

Tech strategy roadmap

Technology advisory and assessment

Whether you are a start-up considering how to scale your offering or a successful organisation with an IT landscape that has evolved over time, the pace of technological change is rapid. Solutions must interact with frequently complex legacy systems to remain competitive, new, and innovative; this makes maintaining your present technology portfolio more challenging and expensive.

Our team of experts can perform deep dive assessments and health checks of current capabilities, technologies, processes, and working methods to understand if you are ready for change and where risks, opportunities, or interventions are required.

Tech advisory assessment

Delivery excellence

Gone are the days when the effectiveness of IT teams is measured by agile based ticket closures or getting governance agreement that a project status is green; IT efficiency is no longer seen in terms of simply lowering the cost base, scrutinising individual productivity, or coding errors.

Instead, a more holistic view is taken around how decisions are made, how bottlenecks are removed and the role of IT delivery within the entire business. At NashTech, we look at your vision and ambition, current organisational structure and operating environment and propose a future IT operating model design alongside a set of choice-points for you to consider, to help you make your IT teams operate more optimally.

Delivery excellence


Nash Squared’s global vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) practice provides cybersecurity leadership expertise in exactly the way you need it.

From short-term engagements to assisting with major initiatives and critical projects, to longer term strategic support for overall security program effectiveness in a part-time or fractional model.


Frequently asked questions

Essentially, a technology consultant helps your business oversee digital transformation. This involves deep dive assessments of current capabilities, as well as technologies, processes and ways of working. This will help us identify if you are ready for significant change, and where the opportunities lie and what risks may need to be

Our approach is incredibly thorough and collaborative, supporting you every step of the way and reacting to any emerging issues through continuous monitoring.

Essentially, the difference between the two relates to their approach. Technology consulting helps you lay down the strategic foundations of your digital change. They will help determine what is wrong with a process, and evaluate what needs to be done to change it. IT consultancy is related to the building and evaluation of integral IT systems.

We can help you both build new systems and assess existing ones to see how you can use technology to your advantage.

Advisors are involved in changing the processes of a company over time in a more broad sense. Alternatively, consultants are employed on a project basis to look at specific projects or issues. One of the main differences is the work duration, as consultants tend to work with clients on a short-term, ad hoc basis, whereas advisers work with businesses over longer periods.

Ordinarily, advisors work on long-term projects and exist in a predictive capacity, preempting
problems before they appear. In contrast, consultants are usually tasked with working on
specific issues or projects to provide a solution to a specific existing problem

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”
Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”