Digital experience platforms

Our digital experience platform knowledge brings together core capabilities and technologies required to create, manage and deliver digital content. 

We help companies design and develop customer interactions across multiple channels, ensuring consistency of brand and the targeting of relevant data to a specific audience whilst leveraging the potential of your digital assets. 

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Digital transformation is perhaps the fuzziest term in the business world. Trying to capture too many moving parts, it becomes white noise.

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

At NashTech we understand that developing the user experience (UX) of products is a key focus for many organisations, from global multinationals to startups. We develop and launch highly interactive applications and websites, ensuring a seamless user experience.  

The key to our success is our unique user-centric design approach, which balances users’ needs, business values and innovative technologies. We create not only a satisfying experience for your customers and end-users while using the apps, but also enhance the values and virtues of your brand within the modernised application ecosystem. 

We ensure the usability of the product matches other touchpoints in a cohesive manner by conducting UX research, applying updated UX design principles, UI design patterns and effective visual design. These elements bring innovative ideas and solutions to our customers.


Content management system (CMS) platforms

At NashTech we understand how a content management system is a key platform to organisations where users can create, manage and publish digital content for use on websites and apps. With a correctly configured CMS it is possible for geo dispersed teams to not only to create and edit content, but to automatically publish it through predefined workflows at the touch of a button. 

Our experience of working with a number of CMS vendors has proved successful for content editors, enabling them to modify digital content in real time, safe in the knowledge what they are seeing and experiencing is what their intended audience will see and experience when the content is published. 

Here at NashTech we specialise in implementing your new CMS, migrating your old CMS, upgrading your existing CMS and importantly, integrating with other business critical backend systems and repositories. 


Mobile application design

In today’s fast-moving environment we all use mobile apps; they touch every part of lives from business to pleasure. But what makes a good a mobile app? 

At NashTech we believe a mobile application should have a positive impact on users whilst helping you achieve your business objectives. 

Our mobile app design philosophy considers the following factors for the best user experience: 

  • UX and UI design: User-centric design is approached in such a way to be intuitive, easily navigable and visually pleasing to the eye 
  • Responsiveness: Unresponsive or slow applications can have a negative impact on your users. We optimise performance to ensure fast loading time 
  • Data protection: is an important consideration for all organisations. We understand the impact to both your users and your organisation should collated data be improperly managed 
  • Support: the fast resolution of any issues encountered is key to its success and your brand 
  • Integrations: we design apps which seamlessly integrate with many of your backend systems 
  • Super apps: users are starting to demand an all-in-one experience from one application. Aside from the core features of the main app, we can integrate other associated apps, creating a super app and seamless experience for users 
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Frequently asked questions

An application portfolio is the collection of software applications that an organisation uses to run their business. It encompasses a diverse range of applications, from critical business systems and customer-facing platforms to internal tools and administrative software. The application portfolio forms the backbone of an organisation’s technological landscape, enabling seamless communication, efficient processes, and overall business success.

Some key roles and responsibilities of application management services are support and maintenance, IT infrastructure, improvements, advisory services and quality assurance (QA). By entrusting application management services with these responsibilities, organisations can focus on their core business functions, confident that their application portfolio is in capable hands. These services play a pivotal role in optimising application performance, enhancing user satisfaction, and supporting business growth in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”
Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”