NashTech is ranked in the top 100 in an index of the world's outsourcing firms

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NashTech has been recognised as a leader in the global outsourcing industry, placing in the Top 100 of over 2,300 global outsourcing firms of the prestigious OA500 and Global Outsourcing Firm (BPO) Index for 2023. 

Time Doctor OA500 is an index of the top 500 global business process outsourcing companies. This ranking is based on 18 months of rigorous research using a thorough methodology that enables comparisons and tracking of companies’ progress to make sure that the ranking is evaluated fairly and reliably. While the Time Doctor OA500 only focuses on the world’s top 500 BPO firms, the Global Outsourcing Firm (BPO) Index consolidates, sorts and assesses all known outsourcing companies globally. 

Forbes defines Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as when a company outsources its entire functions or part of the business to an external company. For instance, functions such as human resources (HR), accounting, marketing or customer service can be outsourced and handled by an external partner. There are many benefits that lead companies to the decision of outsourcing but one thing that they need to bear in mind is choosing the trusted partner to start with. That is why being recognised as one of the top 100 firms in the industry by OA500 means so much to NashTech as it really proves our capability and expertise in the field. 

At NashTech, our BPO team spans across our delivery centres around the globe, looking after our clients in diverse industries such as Information Technology, Financial Services, Online Marketing, Logistics, and Education, etc. Whenever NashTech starts a new BPO engagement, our team will run a deep analysis to see the opportunities where we can help drive operational efficiencies for our clients. This can be achieved through process re-design or automation on a case-by-case basis. 

Our skilled professionals work on behalf of our clients in activities such as data processing, sales and marketing, documents digitisation, content enrichment and language services. Our BPO team processes over 20 million data transactions every month in 28 languages, offering a high level of accuracy for our clients.  

Sharing her thoughts on this recognition, Tam Truong, BPM Director at NashTech, said:

“Proudly ranked in the top 100 global outsourcing firms, NashTech has proved our exceptional quality services, which are recognised by a reliable global source! We don’t just offer standard BPO services, but an intelligent and innovative approach to the whole life cycle of business process management. From process re-engineering, process automation to business process outsourcing, we aim to help our clients reduce operating costs while improving quality, productivity and turnaround time.
With the right mix of people, processes, technology, and a unique hybrid solution of manual outsourcing combined with automation solutions, we commit to 30-50% of cost saving for clients. This greatly helps improve business efficiency, enhance customer experience, drive business growth and ultimately, transform our clients’ businesses.”

Tam Truong, BPM Director – NashTech

Since the day NashTech was founded, the company has boasted a track record of achievement and learning. The company is a global growth story and the opportunity to drive success using technology and talent has never been greater. NashTech offers innovative solutions to help transform your business and make it stand out in today’s competitive market.  Learn more about our business process solutions or contact our team today. 

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
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