NashTech successfully renews Microsoft Solutions Partner designations in four categories

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NashTech, a leading innovative technology solutions provider, today announced the successful renewal of its Microsoft Solutions Partnership in four designations including Data and AI, Digital and App Innovation, Infrastructure and Security.  

Originating from the old Silver or Gold Partners programme, Solutions Partner designations are aligned to Microsoft solution areas and include incremental benefits for companies to stand out from the competition and increase their customer reach.  

NashTech’s renewal of the Microsoft Solutions Partnership Programme was contingent upon meeting stringent criteria set forth by Microsoft. This included demonstrating a substantial number of successful repeatable project delivery stories, attaining specified revenue targets and ensuring individual team members held relevant competences and certifications in the areas designated for partnership renewal. Through unwavering commitment to technology excellence, NashTech fulfilled these rigorous requirements, solidifying its position as a trusted Microsoft Solutions Partner. 

The successful renewal unlocks various benefits for NashTech and its stakeholders. For the company itself, it reaffirmed NashTech’s commitment and expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions built on Microsoft technologies and platforms, especially on Azure, to clients across various industries. This recognition also empowers NashTech to attract new business opportunities and strengthen existing client relationships. For its clients, this helps assure them of NashTech’s continued access to the latest Microsoft technologies, resources and support, enabling the delivery of innovative solutions that drive their digital transformation initiatives. Moreover, employees at NashTech also benefit from access to invaluable Microsoft resources, enhanced training and upskilling opportunities, keeping them at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering their professional growth. 

Loan Pham, CTO of NashTech Vietnam, shared:

“We are delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Microsoft as a Solutions Partner. This renewal is a testament to our team’s deep expertise in leveraging the Microsoft technology stack to deliver innovative and transformative solutions for our clients. Our long-standing collaboration with Microsoft has enabled us to continuously enhance our capabilities, providing our clients with cutting-edge solutions that address their unique business challenges.”

Loan Pham, CTO of NashTech Vietnam

With the successful renewal of four designations in Microsoft Solutions Partner programme, NashTech has further strengthened its deep expertise in leveraging the Microsoft platform and technologies, creating transformative solutions that drive business growth and operational excellence for its clients. We are proud of our capabilities and are confident in what we can offer to our customers. For NashTech, the future continues to look bright. If you want to talk about your technology initiatives, simply  get in touch!    

About NashTech 

NashTech are experts in technology, delivering smart solutions that solve business challenges and create value. Our award-winning teams apply deep expertise and passion to deliver complex IT solutions globally. The approach brings together flexibility, reliability and accelerated product innovation to recommend and deliver outcomes that will meet and complement your wider goals and ambitions. From technology advisory to robotic process automation, from application development to data-driven insights, from customer experience to application maintenance, we have the solutions to deliver customer vision. 

Contact information for media enquiries 

Victoria Cowell 

Marketing Director, NashTech 

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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
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