Higher and Further Education

An evolving landscape

Like many industries, the Education sector is experiencing a time of both disruption and opportunity.

Higher and Further Education (HFE) institutions face the challenge of reconciling student engagement with efficient scaling, so seek greater value from their technology. Students expect more and better digital services in all areas of their lives so are keen to have it effectively integrated into their learning and student experience.

Institutions must leverage the power of data and digital technology to improve their recruitment and retention strategies, increase efficiency and provide a rich and engaging student experience. Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) must evolve quickly in order to scale and meet the evolving needs of students, who are also likely to be remote. The use of video content and gamification to incorporate AR and VR will make learning more engaging and immersive, while mobile technologies make it more accessible to a global audience.

Blending digital technology with a more traditional learning environment will help institutions traverse today’s rapidly evolving education landscape, reach geographically distributed audiences more efficiently and operate at greater scale.

The drive to Transform

Digital Transformation makes digital-first thinking, technology enablement and agility a core, strategic pillar of an organisation.

However, progress within the Higher Education sector is relatively slow. Digital transformation initiatives are a stated focus of only 27% of Universities* in 2020, compared to a 44% average across other sectors.**.

Furthermore, in 2018 *** the Global CIO Survey highlighted the Higher Education sector ranked lowest in terms of having a clear understanding of how technology can support the business.

Aside from this requirement for the sector to get up to speed and fully harness the power of digital technology, further pressure is being caused by events such as Brexit and Covid-19. University CIOs are therefore being increasingly asked to do more with shrinking and in some cases uncertain budgets.

Digital technology and effective technology partners will therefore play a vital role in enabling universities to adapt, survive and thrive in the current – and likely to be ongoing – state of disruption.

Why NashTech

For over 15 years, NashTech has worked alongside some of the most reputable and recognisable names in the education and learning sector.

As their technology partner, we work in close collaboration with both business and IT teams, who leverage our experience, scale and capability in end-to-end software development and testing, to accelerate the successful delivery programmes, that covers core and back-office systems, through to the front end student experience that includes:

  • Development, integration and cloud migration of Moodle Virtual Learning Environments
  • AI-powered assessments
  • AI-powered invigilation and proctoring applications
  • Admissions Portals
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Student Information Management Systems
  • Student Loan Application Management
  • Application maintenance and support



NashTech’s on-shore/off-shore model leverages local teams, working in close collaboration with our customers and supported by a 2000 strong Vietnam based delivery team, provide stable, high-quality development capability.

Our dedicated teams work either as an extension of an organisation’s internal capability or as a stand-alone facility to deliver and reduce the costs of software development, testing and application maintenance & support.

We enable greater scale and flexibility of resource and access to a wider range of technologies and skillsets. We deliver high-quality outcomes and productivity through mature, robust processes and cost efficiencies through offshore delivery teams.

Our aim is to form valuable partnerships that accelerate Digital Transformation, reduce costs and enable universities in a disrupted landscape/future.

We offer


  • Full SDLC capability
  • Ability to rapidly deploy and scale cross-functional and/or cross-technology teams
  • Close collaboration and expertise, from our on-shore and off-shore teams
  • Mature agile practices, designed for distributed working
  • Robust CMMi level 5 processes and governance
  • Cost-effectiveness and reduction




Software development

Our team of nearly 2,000 technology experts offers strength and depth across the entire Software Development Lifecycle from discreet applications (mobile, web and desktop) through to extensive platform development and integrations. Develop enterprise-grade, custom software solutions with NashTech. Architect, build and scale leading-edge platforms that underpin your next breakthrough.

Business process solutions

Fueled by our people, technology, automation capability and decades of expertise, NashTech can streamline your processes and help deliver exceptional outcomes. With proven advisory and operational capabilities, we provide scalable, customised multi-lingual solutions with a unique blend of manual and/or automated capabilities.

Quality assurance and testing

NashTech delivers software faster with our talented team of ISTQB-approved testers and robust QA processes. Our approach accelerates your time to market and offers a seamless user experience to your end customer. Dedicated testing services include Integration, Functional, Stress, Volume, Performance and Penetration testing.

Application maintenance and support

Trust NashTech to support and maintain your software throughout its life cycle with our AMS Service. With extensive knowledge and capability, we deliver a flexible AMS model with high-quality service performance and predictable pricing. Choose from guaranteed fee-based service options delivered under the governance of a formal quality plan.

Technology consulting

The technical landscape for software development is becoming ever more complex. In this constantly changing environment, new technologies and new techniques frequently burst onto the scene.  We provide business and technology consulting capabilities that enable enterprise-wide digital, business and IT transformation and keep you ahead of the curve.

Cloud services

Empower innovation and scalability, and minimise operational costs with the power of the Cloud. Work with our experts to migrate legacy systems, develop cloud-based applications, cloud-based architecture and cloud-based ‘Platform as a Service’ solutions.

Data services

Unlock the power of data to identify strategic opportunities for improvement and optimisation. Transform your digital assets into actionable, monetised insights that power continuous value across your business.

Cyber Security

The risk and sophistication of cyber-attacks are growing. Our Security Services offer a cohesive security solution that provides real-time detection and prevention. Eliminate security threats to protect your assets, unlock innovation and futureproof your business.

Machine learning, intelligence and automation

Sharpen your business processes and reduce costs through pragmatic automation. Leverage the power of AI and Machine Learning to personalise services, forecast more accurately and accelerate your business growth.


*KPMG/Harvey Nash 2019 Global CIO Survey

** KPMG/Harvey Nash 2019 Global CIO Survey

*** KPMG/Harvey Nash 2018 Global CIO Survey