Streamlining regression testing process with Robot Framework

Streamlining regression testing process with Robot Framework


We worked with Atlanta to streamline their manual regression
testing process using Robot Framework, yielding a 90% reduction in
regression testing effort and duration

About Atlanta

The Atlanta Group is one of the largest and fastest-growing brokers in the UK insurance market. Made up of multi-brand digital platforms, and leveraging advanced consumer data and pricing analytics, they have secured their position as the industry leading digital broker. Atlanta incorporates the well-known and much respected Swinton, Autonet and Carole Nash brands.

The challenge

Atlanta needed to optimise the regression testing cycle for third party software that took 20 days of effort to complete and was required to be executed every 6 weeks. Atlanta’s internal team tasked with this activity lacked technical knowledge and confidence, hence requested a solution that didn’t need such knowledge for maintenance

The solution

NashTech proposed the Robot Framework solution to automate their testing processes. While it requires some minor technical skills, it is not overly technical, making it an accessible and easy to navigate option for the non-technical members of the team.

The regression tests were reviewed to identify good automation candidates, and one quality engineer was assigned to set up the test automation framework and carry out the scripting.


▪ Manual effort was reduced by 90% (from 20 days to 2 days) 
▪ Fix and deploy timesaving is exponential if bugs are found toward the end of a test cycle 
▪ With minimal technical skills required, the team were able to self-learn the new framework 

“The automation developed by the NashTech team has made a step change in the way we are able to gain confidence in our platform upgrades. What was 20 days effort has been reduced to less than two days activity. This increased efficiency has had the added benefit to team morale by removing the repetitive nature of the release regression testing.” 

Angela Christian-Pye – Test Practice Manager

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