Readiness Assessment with NashTech

This tool assesses your IT environment and team’s expertise for a smooth transition to cloud services, new software or processes. Readiness assessments are valuable in various situations, enabling you to navigate changes with confidence.

Benefits of taking the assessment

Identify strengths and weaknesses across key dimensions to optimise investments

Benchmark your performance against industry standards

Discover areas for cost optimisation across teams, accounts and business units

Make informed strategic decisions with insights tailored to your specific environment

Our assessments

Cloud Assessment

Analyse your cloud environment to identify optimisation opportunities, cost-saving measures and potential security risks.

DevOps Audit

Evaluate your DevOps practices to identify areas for improvement and streamline your software development lifecycle.

WAF Audit

Assess your Web Application Firewall (WAF) configuration and effectiveness to ensure your web applications are protected from potential vulnerabilities.

Developer Velocity

Evaluate your developer workflow and identify bottlenecks that hinder development speed and efficiency.

Data services

Assess your data management practices ensuring data integrity, security and efficient utilisation.

Our framework assesses five critical dimensions 

Strategic vision

Assess the clarity and alignment of your organisation's cloud transformation goals

Talent capabilities

Evaluate your workforce's skills and expertise in managing and optimising cloud resources

Technology assets

Determine how well your existing technology infrastructure supports your cloud strategy

Success metrics

Establish a clear picture of your cloud initiatives' success through well-defined measurement criteria

Culture of transformation

Assess your organisation's readiness to embrace and adapt to the ongoing transformation journey

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Maximise your ROI: Reduce your risk and optimise your software investment.
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Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”
Unlock the power of knowledge with our new whitepaper
“Elevating User Experience for Product Owners”