CEO blog: A visit to Vietnam, 3 cities and a lifetime lived in 5 days


Bev White – CEO of Nash Squared shares her experience visiting NashTech’s development centres in Vietnam.

When I joined our business on the 3rd February 2020 I had plans to go and spend time with our colleagues in Vietnam. Covid-19 put those plans on hold for 2 years and I had to coach myself in patience, something we all had to work on at that time.

On Sunday this week however that finally changed and I headed for the airport to travel with Chris Tilley, Melanie Hayes, Nick Lonsdale, Shelley Hawkins and Heather Byron to Vietnam. Excited and impatient to get there doesn’t even begin to describe it.

At 6:30am on Monday we arrived in Hanoi. The city is a fantastic mix of French, Chinese and Vietnam history mixed into one glorious soup of colour, noise, smells all populated by full of life, smart and courteous people. We got a brief tour of the city, visited a temple dating back to the 11th century, saw 3-5 year old Vietnamese children ‘graduate’ from nursery class dressed in their finest clothes.


As we pulled up in front of the office we were greeted by everyone lined up on the steps, dressed in the new NashTech polo shirts. I have never received a welcome like it, smiles, waves and polite but excited hugs and pats and suddenly we were having the first of many group photos.

Soon we were going up to the 5th floor to meet with the senior team and hear about the story of the NashTech evolution. The rest of the afternoon passed in a whirlwind, spending a little time with each of the client teams as we heard about the essence of their work, the success of the team members and the value brought to the clients businesses.

In the blink of an eye our time in Hanoi had gone and we were off to the airport and on our way to Da Nang. We have a shared office space in this beautiful coastal city. With Mountains, rivers and the sea there is a very different feel about this modern city. We heard about the set-up of our Da Nang office and the growth plans ahead. We met with our colleagues and heard about their work. It was inspiring.


That evening we flew to Ho Chi Minh City. If I thought the welcome at Hanoi was outstanding, and it was, the 1200 or so colleagues that were waiting for us in their new NashTech polo shirts was mind-blowing and the welcome blew the roof off our house.


Two days into our trip and I was very clear about what makes our Vietnam NashTech operations so successful. This is all about a few core principles. Starting with Leadership. There is a clear vision underpinned by how we will get there. There is unwavering support for building careers, developing skills in the latest technology and providing interesting projects to work on. The second element is the most talented technology and business process engineers in Vietnam have chosen to work for NashTech. This means that the quality of the work is exceptional and the solutions developed exceed clients expectations.

Finally, the Vietnamese people I met in our business and in the communities were warm, welcoming, caring and highly educated. On the roads, with an overwhelming number of scooters and cars what looked on the face of it to be chaos and dangerous, on closer inspection worked in perfect harmony without anger from competing traffic but with courtesy and mutual respect. I experienced a culture that I admire greatly and travel home with a deep fondness for Vietnam and hugely proud of our colleagues there.

Two full days were spent meeting client development and business process solutions teams and hearing about the challenges they were solving and the value they were bringing to these businesses. I feel that I have been fully immersed. Our Nash Squared business has everything our Technology clients could need to help them achieve their business goals, we are a truly unique business and there is nobody able to compete with us that has our breadth of services and depth of expertise.

As you read this I will be travelling home, tired, happy and with a headful of ideas on the evolution of our business. Thank you to our colleagues in Vietnam for making this a truly special experience.

As the weekend comes around, take time to rest and recuperate and keep safe and well.

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