Quality solutions

In a world of technology where the only constant is change and the pace leaves many companies struggling to keep up, NashTech has distilled the expertise and experience we have perfected in testing and quality management over many years into a set of solutions for our clients.

Our independent quality team offers a different view that integrates your business requirements with the technical functionality developed by engineers with the specific objective that meets your goals. Whether it is efficiencies through test automation, scalability through performance, confidence through security or just an independent confirmation of software checks and balances, we have you covered.

Independent testing

Ensuring the quality of a solution starts with well-formed requirements and user stories including acceptance criteria, all the way through development, integration, and performance testing, ending with user acceptance. While quality is everyone’s responsibility, without dedicated independent testers you can be exposed to unnecessary risk.   

Having independent test and quality roles within your teams and organisation mitigates risk. Our experienced quality analysts and engineers either seamlessly integrate into your teams or work through a managed service flexing to meet your needs.

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Automated testing

Automation has been around since the mid40s and despite continuing to be one of the buzzwords in technology, is notoriously difficult to get right. The issue often comes down to continuous change and the lack of a solid foundation on which to build automation.

At NashTech our quality engineers have a significant depth of skill they apply to test automation and automation frameworks that not only support efficiency gains with intelligent building blocks and test reuse but also leverages continuous innovation through evolving technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help reduce maintenance and realise a return on investment.

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Security testing

Ensuring the security of an organisation’s IT network and applications is crucial for risk mitigation. Regular and comprehensive security scanning and testing can help identify significant vulnerabilities that could pose a substantial risk to the organisation. By proactively identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, organisations can prevent potential cyber-attacks before they occur, reducing the risk of data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. Ultimately, a robust security testing strategy helps identify potential risks, ensuring the safety and security of the organisation’s digital infrastructure.

We offer vulnerability scanning and security checks that identify areas that could be exploited by bad actors. Starting with “this is what we do know” provides a powerful base for our clients to on where and what needs to be done immediately and in the long term so the right budget allocations can be made towards these critical activities.

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Supporting the quality standards you demand

We test your systems and software products to ensure they remain at the optimal standard your organisation requires, helping you to optimise time, cost and quality.

We make IT simple, faster and less expensive.

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