AI & Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

Back in 1950, Alan Turing proposed that a ‘learning machine’ could become artificially intelligent. For over half a century it seemed that very little progress was being made. Until now. Today we see a plethora of advancements in voice and visual recognition; autonomous driving is becoming a reality, and the likes of Elon Musk and the late Professor Stephen Hawking have spoken of the importance of understanding AI’s benefits, while regulating its risks. As Musk said recently: “AI will be the best or worst thing ever for humanity, so let’s get it right.”


Are we there yet? Join us for an intriguing dialogue to see how AI & Machine Learning are already impacting our lives, industry and educational journey – and what possibilities they offer our future.


We are delighted to welcome Wayne Houlden, Founder of Janison, who has pioneered ground-breaking digital assessment delivery platforms which have had proven positive impacts on education outcomes within the public sector.


Wayne will discuss how can digital assessment reshape learning outcomes, what the next Edtech wave in digital testing is and best practices towards improving assessment and high-stakes examination.


Join us for an evening of drinks and networking to explore why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is crucial to the success of your digital transformation roadmap.​​


Date: Thursday 7th June 2018

Location: The Black Swan, 19 Cecil St, Singapore, 049704

Time: 18:30pm – 21:30pm

Download agenda: 2018 06 AI_ML Event Agenda Singapore


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