Application maintenance and support

Application maintenance and support

Support and maintain your software throughout its life cycle

Do you need support you can rely on?

Increase your business productivity, add more flexibility, scalability and realise cost benefits with software maintenance and enhancements.

Healthy applications

Scrupulously staying on top of your applications with scheduled time for in-depth diagnostics and smoothly executed revisions helps you serve your customers better.

With extensive knowledge and capability, NashTech deliver a flexible support model with high-quality service performance and predictable pricing. We offer fixed term agreements ranging from one to five years.


Application maintenance and support

Tasks include performance reports and reviews, small enhancement development, change management, applications patching / hardening and service request fulfilment.

Web administration

Website add-ins and plug-ins used and all framework upgrades.

System administration

Backup and monitoring services including database management. Event monitoring, fulilment of client service requests, vulnerability and penetration testing all performed as standard.

Cloud monitoring and event management

Service availability, capacity and performance monitoring all performed as standard. Also includes responding to events, vulnerability and penetration testing.

Software configuration management

Amending configurable parameters within a supported application and the fulfilment of client service requests.

Content administration

Supplied web content updating and service request fulfilment.

Administration of cloud hosted solutions

Console management and services request fulfilment.

Database administration

Performance & capacity management, pro-active maintenance, fulfilment of client service requests, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and database patching.

Introduction to Application maintenance and support

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What clients say

20-years of experience translates into maturity, hands-on project management experience, consulting proficiency, and forever-young enthusiasm. We don’t just build it for you. We build it with you.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with NashTech for just over a year now. The NashTech team provide us with website application, maintenance and support (AMS). Their support over the last few months has been exceptional. Our website, through reasons beyond mine and NashTech’s control, mean that even the simplest of changes can be difficult to deploy to a live environment. Add onto that too a global pandemic. The NashTech team have been brilliant. They have gone over and above to help me deliver some significant website changes that we had to deploy as soon as possible to support the content delivery of some really important and time-sensitive coronavirus content."


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