Who are Genus?

Genus is the world leader in improving porcine and bovine stock and applies biotechnology to advance the science of animal breeding in 70 countries globally.


  • Genus required a desktop application to manage the process of collecting and supplying bull semen to farming customers
  • The system must comply with local and international animal health requirements

Solutions and benefits

  • Development of a fully integrated desktop application, the Global Production System (GPS)
  • The GPS software was tested with emulators and real devices to ensure it was robust and complied with local and international requirements


  • Build a new system to take advantage of modern biotechnology in bovine breeding meet practical needs, consequently Genus wishes
  • Customize and Deploy the current site for Genus ABS China.
The real differentiating factor of working with NashTech is quality - quality of the work, excellent language skills, the rigorous testing and applications process, the professionalism of the people and quality of co-development.

Keith Hopkinson, CIO Genus plc