Who are Vielife?

Vielife specialises in increasing the ability of individuals and organisations to be healthier, more effective and productive. With over 20 years’ experience, vielife works with clients globally helping them manage costs, improve productivity and reduce absence.


  • Refresh vielife’s tobacco cessation program to keep up with competitors. 
  • The system needed to be a dynamic, innovative, online modular program, delivered in a tight five month timeframe

Solutions and benefits

  • Five month development onsite in the UK at vielife’s offices 
  • The tobacco cessation program content was reviewed and implemented on the updated vielife technical framework 
  • The updated program underpins many current health-coaching programs


  • The addition of personalised content, specific to each person who participates in this program, has made tobacco cessation a more engaging program in line with the vielife model
  • The project was delivered on time and to a fixed budget
Working with a partner that can provide a flexible mix of solutions to our development needs, as well as delivering an excellent technical resource at much lower cost than we can ourselves, has been a Godsend. It makes the difference between just struggling on costs and becoming truly profitable.

Mike Beason , Managing Director