What are you doing to prepare for the digital future?

Ronan Gray, Senior Vice President of Digital Advisory at NashTech

Ronan Gray, Senior Vice President of Digital Advisory at NashTech

NashTech invited top executives from leading companies based in Singapore across a number of industries to join a round table discussion about the megatrend in our world today, Digital Transformation.

The event gave insights based on real success stories and sparked interesting debate and sharing about how technology shifts can transform your business.

According to the recent CIO Survey, conducted by Harvey Nash Group, more organisations have a digital strategy with 35% of respondents having developed an enterprise wide digital strategy this year which is an 8% increase from the results in 2015. Digital transformation is evolving at a pace that none of us have every experienced and this is just the beginning.

“Digital transformation is a necessity to stay competitive and you need to address these changes before your competitors do” commented Ronan Gray, Senior Vice President of Digital Advisory at NashTech. “In the last 15 years, 50% of Fortune 500 companies have disappeared”.

Implementing technology means making fundamental changes to an organisation’s day-to-day business, from the types of products and services it produces to how it delivers them. It involves shifting your investments in technologies and business strategies to investing in new, innovative business models based on, and leveraging, the latest technologies and new emerging technologies.

We were joined by Jonathan Ng, Group Director, Strategy & Corporate Development & Head Innovation Program Office, and Cliff Chuah, Head of Digital both from Surbana Jurong, who shared their insight in to what a digital transformation program means to them:

“We are a consultancy company in urbanisation and infrastructure development. Our company has been in need of digital transformation to get higher proficiency. The biggest challenge we are facing in making this happen is the change mind-set that is required. The nature of the construction industry has not been the object for change. What is changing is the way we do our job; how we do design collaboratively, how we analyse root causes and solve problems, how we attract young talents.”

Jonathan went on to comment; ”We have partnered with NashTech for one of our digitsation projects. Flexibility & capacity are what we get from the relationship with NashTech and we have a dedicated team who understand our business – which is the value proposition that stood out.”

Accelerating your digital transformation journey requires taking a more holistic approach, moving beyond solely focusing on the technical and engineering aspects of digitalisation, to developing key organisational capabilities that will ensure digitalisation efforts are successful and generate business value.

With NashTech services, your digital transformation needs will be evaluated using our proven “four pillars model” (FPM) and go through a three phase journey from Digital Envisioning to Digital Transformation and finally Value Reporting.

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