October 6 2017

On the whole, people don’t like change much, unless it comes with immediate rewards. We might think joining a gym is a good idea, and maybe it is, but when after a week or two you just feel sore and haven’t lost any weight or become any fitter – it can seem like a complete… Read more »

May 30 2017

LONDON – May 23, 2017 – Despite two-thirds (64 percent) of organisations adapting their technology strategy because of unprecedented global political and economic uncertainty, 89 percent are maintaining or ramping up investment in innovation, including in digital labour. More than half (52 percent) are investing in more nimble technology platforms to help their organisation innovate… Read more »

March 13 2017

Technology advances have always been disruptive, even going back as far as the industrial revolution.  Since these times the rate of change has increased.  So why is digital disruption currently such a hot topic?  The latest paradigm shift has effectively been driven by Apple. The first clear example of Apple’s digital disruption was the simple… Read more »