November 27 2017

The Agile Movement: Saviour of techies, disruptor of traditional project management and one of the most misunderstood terms of 2017. While it has its roots in the 70s, its true value only came to the fore in recent years, as organisations strived for a more fluid, adaptive approach to managing projects. But just what is… Read more »

October 27 2017

“Don’t be a know-it-all; be a learn-it-all.” Satya Nadella’s advice was directed at his children but the business community can’t get enough of Microsoft’s CEO’s take on mindset success. And there is no better quote to sum up my experience of change management. Too often, change is mistaken as swopping one protocol for another, inserting… Read more »

October 6 2017

On the whole, people don’t like change much, unless it comes with immediate rewards. We might think joining a gym is a good idea, and maybe it is, but when after a week or two you just feel sore and haven’t lost any weight or become any fitter – it can seem like a complete… Read more »

August 31 2017

‘Resistance to change’ has been singled out as the single biggest barrier to digital innovation in the 2017 according to the Harvey Nash / KPMG CIO Survey (the world’s largest survey of its kind). Why do we resist change so much and how might businesses achieve digital success without resistance to change? ​Join our Digital Transformation… Read more »

June 12 2017

As the lines between our physical and digital worlds become increasingly intertwined, one could be forgiven for thinking we have reached the peak of the digital era. Where before businesses would have considered ‘being digital’ as a competitive advantage; today they are waking up to the fact that is becoming an essential, even expected, quality…. Read more »

May 10 2017

NashTech are pleased to announce the achievement of their renewal ISO 27001:2013 certification for Information Security Management across both its software development and business process outsourcing service offerings. By renewing this internationally recognised certification, NashTech has again demonstrated its commitment to data protection and continuous improvement. Information is always the most important property of an organisation. Maintaining a… Read more »

March 21 2016

You have probably been using an offshore software services provider for a while Your original goals were clear – improved economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Things got off to a good start, initial teething troubles were fixed, you made some significant savings and improvements, but now… well, perhaps you are just not achieving all you expected…. Read more »