May 9 2018

Up until now, blockchain has been discussed almost entirely in a crypto-currency capacity. However, this technology has much bigger potential than just financial transactions. As technologists continue to explore the possibilities of blockchain, it seems its application is limitless. Three sectors showing as much, if not more, promise as financial services are healthcare, automotive and… Read more »

November 29 2017

Back in 1950, Alan Turing proposed that a ‘learning machine’ could become artificially intelligent. For over half a century it seemed that very little progress was being made. Until now. Today we see a plethora of advancements in voice and visual recognition; autonomous driving is becoming a reality, and the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking… Read more »

Technology Trends
September 11 2017

NashTech, a technology company specialising in software development with experience and insight into the international technology industry, has predicted eight technology trends that will dominate in 2018. Over the last few years, cloud was considered to be the future of technology. However, while this continues to evolve at an incredible rate, it has become the… Read more »